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Juan R. Anciso, Ph.D.,

Professor and Extension Specialist

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension


Landscape Pro Blend

In 2009, we began the search for a superior fertilizer that we could offer to our clients. We wanted to produce a fertilizer that would grow and protect their plants beyond their expectations. Little did we know, that the fertilizer that we would ultimately create would change the way we would approach the bidding of landscape maintenance contracts.


During our testing of Landscape Pro Blend, we discovered cost savings that allowed us to extend our original goal of not just creating an incredible organic fertilizer, but a fertilizer that would reduce the rising cost of maintenance most developers and landowners are experiencing.


With the creation of Landscape Pro Blend, HLS has been able to completely change our business model on how we bid our contracts. Imagine having a reduction each year in your contract cost, not an increase, and receiving cost savings that has never been offered to you by any other landscape contractor. All because of this incredible patented fertilizer.

“By using HLS Landscape and our patented organic fertilizer, you can potentially save hundreds of thousands of dollars on your next landscape maintenance contract.”


Stephanie Christison, President of HLS Landscape

Here are some savings that you are probably not receiving from your existing contractor:


  • A decrease in your water cost. Our product maintains three times the amount of water retention than any other fertilizer on the market today. This allows less usage of water, and lower watering cost to you, as much as a 30% reduction in your watering cost. Watering is an additional cost that you incur that is above and beyond your present day landscape contract.

  • Reduction in your fertilization cost. Our product has over a 17% retention of nutrients that are left in the soil for the next fertilization, saving the developer/landowner the extra cost of adding nutrients to your soil and possibly reducing the need for additional fertilizing.

  • Reduction in the cost of fighting fire ants and other insects organically. Our product has the ability to eliminate up to 70% of one of the greatest dangers facing today’s property owner, the fire ant. Until now, the only way to fight this pest was to poison them. Dangerous poisons that could run off into our fresh water systems, and get on your residents and pets when walking or playing on the grass. Since our organic fertilizer contains this added benefit, this is an added savings you will experience that you are presently having to pay for. With each application of our fertilizer, not only are your plants, grass and trees benefiting, but ants and other insects are being eliminated, all without additional cost and all organically!

  • Reduction in the cost of replacing plants. Our patented product creates one of the healthiest environments that can be created for your plants, trees, shrubs and flowers. Our product contains 96% Amorphous Silica, which is nature’s secret ingredient that grows healthier, stronger plants; plants that will have a greater resistance to extreme changes in the weather, and a greater resistance to insect infestation. With this naturally created amorphous silica, the need to replace plants that have been damaged by extreme heat and cold will be greatly reduced. This will add additional savings you may not be receiving from the fertilizer you are presently using. And for those developers who are watering with recycled water, the amorphous silica creates a natural resistance in the plant to salt, which is generally contained in recycled water. This added resistance also will help in the replacement cost of damaged plants due to the high salt content in recycled water.


To summarize, by using HLS and our patented fertilizer over a three year period of time, you could potentially save as much as $100,000 to $300,000 based on a contract price of over $1,000,000 per year.


HLS, with our dedication to quality, has been one of the leading landscape companies in this area for over forty years, and now with us being able to offer our clients these potential savings as a result of this patented fertilizer, is a win win for the developer and landowner.


We know these claims will sound too good to be true, but every statement we have made is backed up by the Texas A&M Agricultural Department who conducted the testing of this amazing product, as well as our own personal guarantee.


  • Save up to 30% on your water bill
  • Decrease the cost for plant replacement
  • Organic product with 96% Amorphous Silica for stronger plants that resist extreme hot and cold temperatures
  • 17% retention of nutrients in soil after fertilizing, creating the healthiest soil for your plants
  • Organically eliminates up to 70% of fire ants and other insects without using chemicals


Give us a call and let us show you how using HLS and this incredible product, Landscape Pro Blend, can save you money that you are presently spending with your contractor.

HLS is a fully Insured Landscape Contractor. HLS is bonded by an A Rated Surety. HLS implements a comprehensive Safety Awareness Program. Safety Manuals available upon request.




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